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Citytrip: Chicago

In February/March 2002 I went to Chicago for a conference (for Philips). Before and after the conference there was a bit of time to pay a visit to this beautiful city. The first picture gives a good impressen of the city, but to get a clear view on an American city, it's best to start looking down from one of the skyscrapers.

For a clear view on the setup of the city I chose John Hancock Centre. It's in the centre of the city right on the magnicicent Mile, just like my hotel (Hotel Inter-continental). It's also closer to the lake which gives a better view on the city.

More than enough interesting sport events with Chicago Cubs andWhitesox (baseball), Bears (football) Blackhawks (hockey) and Bulls (basketball). The only mathc that fit in my schedule was a game of the Chicago Bulls. They're not as good as they used to be, but is was nice to see how American Americans can be...

  In Chicago there are some interesting museums, concentrated on the south side of the city. I had time to visit one of them and I chose to go to a 'light' one, after the packed conference. Below you will find some pictures taken in the Shedd right on Lake Michigan.

A special view was presentend on these jellyfish. Watch this movie for some 'strange' views.

My flight back was on a Saturdayevening. everything went very smooth. For as far as I can judge this (only US city I visited so far) Chicago is a very nice city.

Where will the next trip bring me, and will there be a little more time for some 'tourism'..?

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