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Travels to the middle of nowhere

To prepare a holiday, I prefer to read other people's travel stories on the internet. It gives you a 'real' impression of the countrie(s) you want to visit. Sometimes the're standard on a dedicated site, sometimes a bit too extensive. For me pictures give a very quick impression of a destination. What ever you prapare, it's always just an impression: You can not prepare your first encounter. The experience is always much better ! To do something in return for the help with opur preparations, I made picture travel stories for a quick impression.

1999 Scotland > Next time we go even more north...
2000 Nepal > Beautifull, impressive, spectacular !
2001 Maya Route > Four countries in 25 days
2002 Uganda > Much nicer than I imagined beforeand !
2003 Japan > Strange but beautiful ! Surreal but nice...

Besides the summer holidays, there are also some business trips and short breaks to nice places. The first one was a 4-day trip to Chicago to attend a conference on branding. In the spring of 2003 we went camping in Switserland and on our vacation to Japan we had a 3-day stopover in HongKong. Our 'first honeymoon' brought us in Schotland, see the updated page ! Our 'real honeymoon' was a short trip to Dubai. It's been I while since I could add something...: citytrip Sint Petersburg now available. For the CHulha I went to India in 2010.

Download my placemarks for all mentioned countries for Google Earth or per trip on the individual country pages.

Try Google Earth: it's great!

All pictures in this section are taken by myself (or Dominique), unless marked with a little cross in the bottom right corner. For using our pictures the international copyrights rules apply.

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